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Strong, Bold. Fearless.


I've been a stylist for 10 years and have loved every minute of it.  Working in this industry gives me an outlet to pursue my mission in life; empowering women to be the unique, beautiful individuals each one was born to be.


My goal is to bring out the natural beauty of each of my clients.  My specialties are balayage, ombrés, and Brazilian blow outs - natural emphasizers that make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are inside!  I have experience styling all looks, from day-to-day to runway, TV, and magazine.  I worked as a platform artist, teaching and inspiring other stylists how to modernize the old and create new looks for their clients.  I love a good challenge and every client is an opportunity to further expose the beauty and power they possess! I believe in continuing education, bettering and loving yourself more just a little every day.






Life Changing

Our makeovers: motivate and inspirer them for life.

At the end of our life transforming process, we provide a makeover to those in recovery and allow them to tell their full story. Through this makeover process, our makeovers realize just how beautiful they really are. With their story, we are able to expand our message even further and extend our helping hand as a result.




Capturing Real Stories

We start by interviewing inmates on the inside.

We believe in fixing the problem at its source. By starting our journey in our jails and prisons, we are able to connect with those struggling with substance abuse and guide them on their road to recovery. Telling their story is what allows them to connect more with the person that they are becoming, and overcome the person they once were. .





Community donation & Support

We give hope on the outside.

With the help of our community, we are able to connect those on their road to a new life to the resources they need to be successful in their recovery. Through providing either living necessities, a place to stay, or a community that cares, we are able to effectively transform lives.


As The Crow Flies    58 N. Main Street, Suite D    Zionsville, IN 46077-1566